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UNICORN HUNTER – Big League Grape Indica Hybrid Vape Cartridge 1ml


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Unicorn Hunter makes some of the best THC vape pens on the market today and we’re really proud to have them.

Unicorn Hunter’s Girl Scout Cookies Premium Disposable THC Vape Pen is a great example of what they do best. Don’t worry, it’s rechargeable with a micro-usb charging cable (not included). With 1 full gram of premium distillate and a THC level of 93-98% this one hits hard.

Add to that the fact that there’s no VG, no PG, no Vitamin E Acetate, with an organic base and 100% solvent free CO2 extraction and the choice is crystal clear. This THC vape pen is as clean and pure as it possibly gets.

Girl Scout Cookies is an indica-dominant strain with a strong sativa component (40:60 sativa/indica ratio). This strain began as a crossbreed of OG Kush and a near-even hybrid; (Durban Poison X F1).

This strain provides the best aspects of both sativa and indica, and the high is powerful, happy, and euphoric, but with couch-lock body effects and feelings of lethargy.

Girl Scout Cookies tastes sweet and earthy, and it smells much the same.

It’s most effective at treating anxiety, stress, and depression, though it’s also good for appetite.

1 review for UNICORN HUNTER – Big League Grape Indica Hybrid Vape Cartridge 1ml

  1. j.noel-raposo (verified owner)

    Definitely a great grape taste! My husband loves it!

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