Sweet Leaf Vape Pen | Pineapple Express 1.3G


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Sweetleaf is now offering 1.3 gram distillate carts! all carts now come with a disposable battery. get that same great Sweetleaf taste in our new disposable carts but with much more to love! all our carts are CO2 run and use only naturally occurring Cannabis terpenes for that flavour that has made our carts a customer favorite.

Pineapple Express Distillate

  •  Aroma: Fruity, Pungent Earthy, tropical
  •  Flavor: Fruity, sweet, earthy, pine
  •  Effects: Relaxed, hungry, uplifting
  •  Medicinal Uses: Pain, Depression, anxiety, fatigueWho hasn’t heard of this strain? Pineapple Express Distillate was popularized by the Seth Rogan and James Franco film “Pineapple Express” this strain has been around for quite some time before. This strain is a cross between the strains Trainwreck and Hawaiian and had been quite popular in Europe prior to its worldwide fame after the film. Pineapple Express  hosts a strong aroma with overtones of fresh cut pineapple and mango, and undertones of green apple and pine. The taste is quite similar to the smell opening up with a fruity taste upon inhaling and a smooth almost pine taste on exhale. Pineapple Express Distillate is calming, yet somehow stimulating and can lift the mood and heighten productivity making it perfect for anyone suffering from depression, chronic stress, anxiety or fatigue. Pineapple Express Distillate is also good for mild pains and inflammations as well as migraines. The average THC content of this extract is 93%. Sweet Leaf Concentrates crafts all distillate extracts using only 100% natural C02 and top of the line lab equipment. Every strain is lab tested for quality assurance before being available for purchase.


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