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PVRE | Cookies N Cream Bar 800MG



As requested by our customers

Rosin infused “Cookies n Cream” bar is designed to target the high tolerance user at 800mg per bar or the low tolerance user at 33 mg per square.

The 800mg Bar is sure to get you the dose your are looking for

*This product is liable to melt in hot environments. We are not responsible for any melting to the product during transport.

3 reviews for PVRE | Cookies N Cream Bar 800MG

  1. neofury (verified owner)

    Ordered both the sativa and indica. 2 or 3 squares does gives a good buzz. I like edibles but not being put into outerspace for 12hrs 😛

    I’m positive the quantity in one bar is more than enough to accomplish many hours of outerspace but I’m more or less just taking a bit to improve my buzz when I smoke.

    The taste of weed is pretty strong but I don’t mind.

  2. murray aube (verified owner)

    Tried one square for starters and wasn’t disappointed. The taste actually worked really well for me. The combo of Rosin with sweet chocolate was great! High took about two hours to fully kick in(felt the first sign of effects around 40 min point).

    I’d describe the high as relaxing and slightly euphoric but not glueing me to the couch. Also to note I didn’t appear stoned while on it which helped me enjoy discreetly. I tried the indica this time but also purchased the sativa and I’m looking forward to combining the two.

    I love the higher quantities as I can adjust my intake based what I’m looking for, I will definitely buy again;)

  3. Euranonymous (verified owner)

    deadly strong.love it.great taste.slept for 2 days because my tolerance went down lmao but yeah great sleep great chocolate.i “highly reccomend it”. see what i did there lol jk for real its good worth a try.if you have a lower tolerance a few squares will probably do it.

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