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Emerald God Flower


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Emerald GOD is a cross between the 2 strongly Indica strains, Emerald OG and God Bud, mixing the work of BC and Cali growers into what is the perfectly potent pain killer known as Emerald GOD.  This strain is almost guaranteed to take away all that ails you, aches, pains, cramps, etc. Making this the perfect strain for medicinal users but also great for recreational users alike.

With many of the features of it’s parents strain a deliciously floral, melon-citrus flavour. This strain along with it’s strong flavours can reach up to a whopping 27% THC content making it necessary to have the munchies on standby and possibly a couch to take a siesta.

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14g (½ oz), 28 grams (1 oz), 3.5g (⅛ oz), 7g (¼ oz)


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