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ATLAS CBD CO.| THC + CBD OIL | 1500mg THC 3000mg CBD


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Atlas THC+CBD Oil is make using the highest grade THC+CBD isolate and premium organic coconut derived MCT oil.

All Atlas CBD Co. Products are lab-tested, 100%natural and organic and produced in Canada. Our premium, THC+CBD Oil is designed on a molecular scale to alleviate symptoms of anxiety, depression, pain, nausea, cardiovascular issues, and much more.

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1 review for ATLAS CBD CO.| THC + CBD OIL | 1500mg THC 3000mg CBD

  1. Steve Grenier

    I must have gotten a bad batch because the high from this was almost non-existent with the max dose; tried on many occasions, even taking 2x the max dose (2ml) produced weak effects. I never had an issue with their pure THC and pure CBD products; both produced very solid results. CBD especially is quite potent when taken in its pure form. When I dose with CBD I take it usually ~1 hour after THC. Which isn’t an option when taking them in their combined form. Having said that, the options Atlas offers for combined THC and CBD sound great. Weighted heavily towards CBD with gradual steps increasing the amounts of THC; this is great for anyone wanting to use this to relax and calm their nerves or pain. Keeps the head high to a minimum while focusing on relaxation. If you take pure CBD consider this a weekend treat, it’s the same with a cherry on top. For those that take CBD rarely, or less often, I’d recommend Atlas’ pure THC and CBD products as they give you the best flexibility when dosing.

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